Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Listings

Properties Address
San Angelin 1935 South Sunnyvale Road
Mesa Ridge 4895 East Russell Road
Springs Village 200 Fuente Lane
Sofi Shadowridge 1850 Thibodo Road
Camino al Oro 330 West Avenue 26
Curran House 145 Taylor Street
TELACU Buena Vista 365 East Commercial Road
The Casitas 18553 Saticoy Street
Avalon San Bruno 1099 Admiral Court
Denny Park 230 8th Avenue North
Downtown Belmar Residential 464 South Teller Street
The Properties at Wright Field: The Single Family Homes at the Prairies 5924 Hickam Drive
The Properties at Wright Field: Contemporary Townhomes at the Prairies 5924 Hickam Drive
Arezzo 7205 West McDowell Road
The Enclave at Menifee 30300 Antelope Road
Ashton Arbors 2780 Bankstone Drive SW
Vintage Knolls 2340 Bell Street
Auberry at Twin Creeks 705 Bray Central Drive
Villas at Lawrence Street 3215 South 47th Street
Village Oaks 8425 Montravail Circle
The Artisan Apartment Homes 8282 Calvine Road
San Mateo Rotary Floritas 99 27th Ave
Beachview Villa 8102 Ellis Avenue
Spectra on the Park 100 Trumbull Street
Sierra Royale 630 Wright Avenue
Redwood Perrysburg Oregon Road 28863 Oregon Road
Ridenour 1355 Ridenour Blvd NW
Casa Dorada 4600 West 9th Avenue
The Ashton 2215 Cedar Springs Road
The Kennedy Building 907 NE 45th Street
Regal Park 461 Old Dixie Way
Windsor Court/Stratford Place 8140 13th Street
The Cairns 422 Yale Avenue North
Evergreen at Lewisville 415 South Garden Ridge Blvd
Deveraux Glen 10600 SW Taylor Street
Phalen Senior Lofts 635 Phalen Blvd
San Fernando 4150 East Main Street
Homecoming at Eastvale 5464 West Homecoming Circle
Alta Vista 1741 Wright Street
Oak View of Sonoma Hills 1350 Oak View Circle
Hotel Alder 415 SW Alder Street
Lofts at the Sawyer 3839 McKinney Avenue
Nora Commons on the Monon 8905 Evergreen Avenue
StoneBridge 6512 Bridge Crossing Drive
Skyline Village 444 South Lucas Avenue
Tradition 1901 Cassia Road
Valley Springs 15300 SE 155th Place
The Elms at Germantown 20426 Apple Harvest Circle
Trinity Palms At Seven Springs 7101 Columns Circle
Evergreen at Keller 501 Bourland Road
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