Self Storage Market Data and Analysis 

Yardi® Matrix Self Storage is your source for originating, pre-underwriting and managing assets for profitable loans and investments. We are active in Self Storage markets across the U.S., providing researched data on storage facilities at least 25,000 SqFt in size.

Key Features

  • New supply pipeline – complete new supply pipeline information – at the asset, competitive set and market level
  • In place loans and expirations - construction, permanent and CMBS
  • Full ownership and management information
  • Complete site-level information
  • Rents by storage unit size and rent comparable reporting
  • Property sales information and sale comparable reporting
  • Patented property improvement and location ratings systems
  • Deep property coverage
  • Competitive subscription pricing based on markets and users

Self Storage Facility



Complete Property Research

Matrix does the heavy lifting—with extensive quality control—to compile property-level research that closes deals and drives value. We save you time by unveiling the true ownership of LLCs and senior level contacts, abstracting all senior loans and continuously updating sales data.


Property-level Reporting
Actionable Analysis


Actionable Analysis

You get the data and models you need to analyze and feed your own financial models, so you don’t have to waste time pursuing unproductive deals. Find that needle in the haystack—the right deal—with our patented asset rating system and loan maturity schedules. You’ll know the deal is in your strike zone before devoting your valuable and expensive time on it. You’ll be empowered to drive proposals that show that you know owners and their properties---before picking up the phone.



Accurate Tracking

You can track asset performance and the valuation of your properties—along with those of your competitors or potential partners. Our patented improvement and location ratings systems mean that you will be comparing apples to apples—giving you fair and balanced performance information to act upon.



Market Insights

Whatever your role—acquisitions, refinance underwriting, valuations or sales—Matrix is your source for information you can act on. Our renowned institutional research on markets, investment strategy and long-term trends is at your fingertips, and included as a subscriber.



Key Benefits

  • Provides immediate access to decision-makers, saving time
  • Includes comprehensive property and market analytics that drive superior returns
  • Targets borrowers early in the refinancing process
  • Identifies value-add prospects based on defined criteria
  • Delivers information on the right deals, not just those currently on the market