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Announcements & Product Updates

Yardi® Matrix Mobile App

May 10, 2018

Our mobile app for Multifamily has now been released. You’ll find it in the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store by searching Yardi Matrix.

Our mobile app is “tuned” for work you’ll do on the fly while you are out in the field or touring properties and the competitive environment.

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Yardi® Matrix SubmarketPoint Reports

May 2, 2018

After a 9 month effort, we are pleased to announce this major enhancement, covering ~3,300 submarkets nationwide. Multifamily subscribers will see it in the “Institutional Reports” menu, just below the MarketPoint reports.

There you can select a specific submarket of interest. Reports are updated monthly. If you’d like to download all sub-markets within a market, that option exists within the MarketPoint download page.

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Hurricane Harvey Special Report

Sept 20, 2017

Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston on August 25 producing a swath of flooding in low-lying developments and areas near rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The flooding damaged tens of thousands of single-family residences and apartments, commercial properties, vehicles and infrastructure. The storm might end up as the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history, with property damage estimates upwards of $100 billion.

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Office Coverage Area Expansion - Manhattan Now Open!

May 26, 2017

Yardi® Matrix is pleased to announce that we are now live in the Manhattan market!

Looking for an alternative, customer friendly provider?

We offer investment and leasing professionals a comprehensive market intelligence/comp solution

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Announcing New Asset Classes – Vacant Land and Small Multifamily

May 25, 2017

We are pleased to announce the addition of Vacant Land parcels and Multifamily properties under 50 units to Yardi Matrix!

These two new asset classes will join our current lineup of information services, covering Multifamily 50+, Office, Industrial and Self Storage.

For further information, please Contact us

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Multifamily 5: Interview with Jeff Adler

Jeff Adler, Vice President at Yardi and leader of the Yardi Matrix team, weighs on his top six markets, the future of the multifamily industry, how the commercial real estate industry is using Yardi Matrix, and much more.
Courtesy of Multifamily 5.

Commercial Real Estate in a Low-Growth World: Exclusive Interview with Tom Flexner

Tom Flexner: We’re in a world of 2 to 3 percent GDP growth globally – with many factors ranging from demographics to commodity prices to excessive leverage levels to regulatory drags to geopolitics to a pervading sense of uncertainty and ambiguity — all conspiring to tamp down economic activity.

Courtesy of Commercial Real Estate Finance World, by Commercial Real Estate Finance Council. www.crefc.org

The Real Estate Hour: Interview with Jeffrey Adler, hosted by Alan Feldman, CEO of Resource Real Estate” Topic: The State of US Multifamily Housing

Listen as Jeff discusses the current state of US multifamily real estate: rents, occupancy, new supply, the state of the economy and how the type and location of jobs is driving US Multifamily investment returns.”

Originally aired on 9/23/16 on Sirius XM Channel 111, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School

Speaking Events

Jefferies Self-Storage Data and Development Summit, July 2018

Yardi Matrix released its most recent metro level supply forecast at the Jefferies Self Storage Data and Development Summit. David Dent presented our insights on supply growth at the national level as well as key metro areas that have attracted significant self storage interest in recent years. Our forecasts detail expected completions in 2018 and 2019 at the metro level, and provide detailed analysis regarding the current stage of the self storage real estate cycle. We also covered market level rent growth analysis for a variety of self storage unit types.

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Student Housing Outlook February 2018

Paul Fiorilla spoke at the National Apartment Association’s 2018 CampusConnex Executive Roundtable about the current state of the student housing market and key drivers of the sectors’ performance. Fiorilla provided insight on the student housing market as a whole, as well as a thorough analysis of 28 universities varying in size and geographic location.

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2018 NMHC Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference

Jeff Adler, Vice President & General Manager of Yardi Matrix, spoke at the 2018 NMHC Conference about the 2018 economic outlook and market implications.

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Event Materials

ISS World Expo Presentation by Jeff Adler

Jeff Adler, Vice President of Yardi Matrix, spoke at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas on April 4, 2018 where he detailed the latest trends in transaction volume and pricing, metro rent performance and forecasts of new supply by metro compared with existing inventory. Jeff Adler also presented new research focused on fundamental new supply and demand conditions in New York, Florida and Texas.

IMN Middle Markets Presentation

Jeff Adler, Vice President of Yardi Matrix, recently presented his research at the IMN Middle-Market Multifamily Forum for small and mid-sized apartment owners and developers. Jeff focused on the historic relationship between prices and the economic cycle and what the future may hold for multifamily real estate.

Fall Multifamily Overview

Check out the latest insights from Jeff Adler and Yardi Matrix as we approach the end of 2017. Jeff shares his views on the state of the economy, the multifamily market, and the future impacts of innovative technology on real estate.

Fall Commercial Overview

Check out the latest insights from Jeff Adler and Yardi Matrix as we approach the end of 2017. Jeff shares his views on the state of the economy, the office market, and the future impacts of innovative technology on real estate.

IREM Global Summit

Jack Kern, Director & Chief Economist at Yardi Matrix, attended the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Global Summit and provided insight on the art of asset management using market information. Kern focused on five key markets at a granular level, explaining their intellectual capital nodes as well as their employment and traffic trends. He also touched on key economic, demographic and real estate trends to consider as an asset manager.


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