The Yardi Matrix Advantage

With Yardi Matrix, You Are Provided Every Possible Competitive Advantage

Commercial real estate is never a business-as-usual environment. Imagine the power of having direct access – a transparent connection – to the apartment market, at the property level, or the submarket/market level.

We bring you the hard business facts without any opinions or biases, informing you of market developments you must know about to keep ahead of a rapidly moving curve.

Yardi Matrix is a transaction engine – combining data with process and technology – identifying business opportunities, and supporting activities required to underwrite, then close, the sale or make informed critical buy/sell/hold decisions. 

Raw Data, Like Crude Oil, Must Be Processed To Become Useful.

While you may find digging into the facts a necessity, with our support that activity is not a chore. Our subscribers have full access – property-by-property, or submarket-by-submarket – reports, market-wide. The result, greatly improved transaction productivity; organizational labor is replaced with the latest technology.

Need to reference multiple sources to complete a review is eliminated; required information is accessed once. Time, and capital, previously required to be constantly reinvested in process technology, clearly not core to transaction activities, is freed up to focus on the more important, strategic parts of your business.

Unlike data-driven research companies which simply provide a database under the premise that you can make whatever you want of the information, our reports cut straight to the point, without bogging down. Content includes everything you would expect to find if you were to spend your own valuable time researching information relevant to your decision-making: 

  • Unlimited access to all apartment properties of 50 units, or larger, in every market, through a searchable, online archive of thousands of properties – hundreds of thousands of units.
  • Who owns (not the LLC, or limited partnership, the real owner), and who manages, every apartment property of 50 units, and larger.
  • Separating information by property rental household market position – workforce, low mid-range, high mid-range, discretionary… By mid-rise, high-rise, affordable, student, “green” – whatever is specific to your need
  • Embedded, state-of-the-art functionality instantly accesses anything you need to know about a selected property, its competitive cluster, or the market.
  • Active reporting of market dynamics:

    • New development - under construction, and planned projects not yet started
    • Ownership changes - who is buying, and who is selling
    • Management changes
    • Rental rate changes
    • Rental concessions

We Are Your Outsourced Research Company

Keeping apartment market information current, reporting on market dynamics that most influence your decisions, and your position in the market. That, in short, is precisely what Yardi Matrix does for you.