Affordable Housing Market Data and Analysis

With Yardi® Matrix Affordable Housing, accessing essential data for fully affordable multifamily investments has never been easier. Say goodbye to time-consuming research and limited availability of records – our comprehensive platform provides the insights you need when you need them. Our coverage encompasses 175 markets with over 26,000 affordable properties and 3.36 million units including the entire new supply pipeline, from prospective to planned to under construction.

Key Features

  • Owner types: private sector and non-profit sector, searchable by the same
  • Project types: Federal Low Income Tax Credit (LIHTC)/State Based Tax Credits, Project-based Section 8, and state programs (Texas PFC, Florida Live Local, upcoming in early 2025), searchable by the same
  • Age-restricted housing filter within fully affordable properties
  • Date of Tax Credit Award where available
  • Disclosure of ground leases and PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreements
  • End of compliance and extended use periods as distinct data elements, searchable
  • Area Median Income (AMI) requirement percentage tables at the unit mix level by property
  • Property-level affordability metric (rent affordable to X% AMI level), searchable
  • Calculation of maximum allowable rents using AMI% requirements and utility allowance, by property, floorplan, per unit, and per rentable SqFt
  • Fair Market Rent/Housing Choice Voucher values
  • REAC Scores (last 3 recorded)
  • Property-level occupancy percentage
  • Utility allowances at the bedroom level
  • QCT (Qualified Census Tract) and DDA (Difficult Development Area) map overlays
  • Actual revenue and expense data from over 6,500 fully affordable properties
  • Inclusion of conventional & workforce housing dataset of over 80,000 properties at over 18 million units, with reporting tools for comparative analysis
  • Fully affordable new supply forecast by market by year for the next five years
Affordable Housing



Complete Property Research

Are you tired of piecing together data points for financial underwriting analyses? With Yardi Matrix Affordable, we've streamlined the process, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you're analyzing a single property or a portfolio of affordable housing investments, our platform delivers the financial transparency and risk analysis you've been searching for.

Property-level Reporting
Actionable Analysis


Actionable Analysis

Matrix Affordable Housing offers a wide range of features tailored to your needs. From supply and actual expenses to revenues and lease trade outs, we provide all the essential data points you require for thorough analysis. With segmentation options including LICHT, non-profit, PHAs, senior properties and more, you can customize your insights to suit your specific requirements.



Accurate Tracking

You can track asset performance and the valuation of your properties—along with those of your competitors or potential partners. Our patented improvement and location ratings systems mean that you will be comparing apples to apples—giving you fair and balanced performance information to act upon.



Market Insights

Whatever your role—acquisitions, refinance underwriting, valuations or sales—Matrix is your source for information you can act on. Our renowned institutional research on markets, investment strategy and long-term trends is at your fingertips, and included as a subscriber.


Key Benefits

  • Access previously hard-to-reach data quickly and easily
  • Overcome time constraints, lack of resources, and limited record availability
  • Gain insights for both single property and portfolio analyses
  • Achieve unparalleled financial transparency
  • Streamline underwriting analyses for affordable multifamily investments
  • Solve the challenge of assembling diverse data points effortlessly