How We Compare

Our function is to produce superior information products needed by the commercial apartment real estate industry.

No other traditional apartment information-providing service is directly comparable to the Yardi Matrix product. Contrary to conventional database information sources, Yardi Matrix is a web-based third-party research organization, serving our subscribers in the manner of an in-house research function, providing the local knowledge generally attributed only to "market experts". But that characteristic is only one piece of a considerably more dynamic capability.

In contrast with competitive services, whose sole function is as a data supplier, our service bundles information, process, and technology, into a "transaction engine", clearly distinguished by manner of delivery:

  • Competitive information sources are data-driven, rigidly defined, offering little flexibility. Under this format, data, rather than the end result, is the product - little recognition is given to user need.
  • In contrast, Yardi Matrix products are built on needs-driven, process-orchestrators. Our environment supports a dynamic, highly-flexible product, allowing a user to cut directly to a need without incurring labor cost attached to sorting through data sources to complete a report, or property/market evaluation.

Yardi Matrix's state-of-the-art embedded functionality incorporates the patented (U.S. Patent numbers ­­­­­­­7,974,930, and 8,060,450 Context® rating system, the commercial real estate industry's only standardized rating system. Improvements and location are defined by a graded-index, comparing properties under an apples-to-apples basis. The result provides near instantaneous analysis of data when direct comparisons are required, and which under conventional circumstances would otherwise require an extensive, time-consuming procedure to complete.

There is no better way to leverage your business development activities

Compare us with any other commercial real estate industry information source when you are ready to outsource your research needs.

Characteristics Defining the Yardi Matrix Service

While our reports are the commercial real estate information industry’s most robust, our experience has shown that the more functionality made available to our customers, the more they expect. In response, constant product improvement is a continuing Yardi Matrix goal.

  • Complete information is delivered on-demand, as-needed, in the form needed:

    • All property-level aspects of apartment properties of 50 units, and larger, in size, and;
    • Market condition changes are reported - Rental market, developer market, and investor market - in near real-time. Short shelf-life information is updated under a scheduled basis, creating a constantly refreshed information base.
  • New development (planned, and under construction), sales activity, management changes, rental rates, and rental concessions are consistently updated.
  • Data is "scrubbed" prior to being placed on the system. Single asset entity ownerships are pierced; the actual owner defined, and contact information made available. Sales, ownership, and new development information is confirmed for accuracy and validity.
  • Our property universe is the largest and deepest “refined” database in the industry. We cover every multifamily asset over 50 units within our market coverage areas, ~80% of the US population, including 118,953 properties and 22.3 million units.
  • Rental rate information is surveyed by telephone, with surveyors soliciting information as renters. Current "street" rents are reported, then illustrated as both "Actual", and "Market", rents. Market rents are converted – an apples-to-apples format, accounting for anomalies influencing rent paid beyond a "base" rental rate.
  • Yardi Matrix's Context® rating system allows like-for-like comparison of property types – in an instantly searchable format. The Context® rating system is unique to Yardi Matrix; no other standardized (consequently objective) real estate industry information format exists. With Context®, inefficient, manual selection of data is eliminated. Reports that once required hours, or days, to develop are completed in minutes.
  • Access is from any Internet connection, any hour of the day, every day of the week.
  • Our process-orchestrators provide dynamic access to data, allowing a user to define which information is relevant to their specific need, how the information is to be summarized, then drill-down into the data, filtering only the relevant information needed, eliminating extraneous information.

Characteristics Defining Competitive Information Sources

  • Competitive services typically issue information in a batch format, thirty days following quarter-end, reflecting conditions at a point in time. Highly perishable information, already subject to functional obsolescence on the day of publication, continues to deteriorate in accuracy at an escalating rate from issuance date until the next publication date, ninety days later.
  • Competitive information is non-standardized. Ability to manipulate required information to a specific need is limited to zip code, property size, or property age. Properties of similar type cannot be compared – a mongrel, and a thoroughbred racehorse are both categorized as "four-legged animals".
  • Services providing a market-overview, based on a market sample, are universally incomplete at the property level, if individual properties are referenced at all.
  • Competitive information sources provide relevant data in "raw" form. Owners are listed as single-asset entities rather than the actual owner, and little contact information is made available.
  • Competitive supplier rental rates and rental concessions are surveyed by telephone or printed survey as a research company; property management provides information in a form they choose to have reported. Rents reported are then provided as an average; anomalies from base rents – such as centrally metered utilities, + RUBS billing, or other advantages affecting base rents – are not considered.