About Yardi Matrix

Yardi® Matrix offers the industry’s most comprehensive market intelligence tool for investment professionals, equity investors, lenders and property managers who underwrite and manage investments in multifamily, student housing, industrial, office and self storage property types. We provide nationwide market and institutional research reports that leverage property-level details of multifamily properties. Yardi Matrix also uses data in the Yardi property management system stack to create aggregated and anonymized operating expense, revenue, and operational metric data that improves underwriting analysis and competitive benchmarking.

The Yardi Matrix apartment information service is a high-performance system with the sole function of supporting the commercial apartment industry’s dominant participants. The company's services monitor the 50+ unit apartment universe from the property level to the submarket/market level in a form unique within the commercial apartment information industry.

Customizable Searches and Outputs

Just about everything you need to know about an apartment property, or the apartment market, is just a click away. Search capabilities, unique to Yardi Matrix, include decision-makers regarding an apartment property’s status – disposition, or day-to-day operations. Yardi Matrix resolves that issue by revealing the “real” owner and managing entity:

  • Ownership, Single-Asset, entities - LLC's, Limited Partnerships, Trusts...- are pierced; the actual ownership disclosed along with owner-contact information.
  • Property management responsible for overseeing property operations; contact information is disclosed.
  • Trustees appointed to oversee distressed property operations are identified; contact information made available.
  • Critical market descriptive information is updated in near real-time rather than the traditional industry standard quarterly update.
  • Yardi Matrix's Patented (United States Patent numbers 7,974,930, and 8,060,450) Context®  improvements/location rating system, allows segmentation of a market's rental households into definitive categories: Workforce; low mid-range; high mid-range, discretionary, and affordable (subsidized).

Yardi Matrix subscribers access near up-to-the-minute market information at two levels: The Individual property or; overview of market conditions critical to assessment of current, and prospective, market status.

Property-level information provides photographs, physical characteristics, prior sales, rental history, and property ownership/management detail.

Services are Bundled: Property Level Information, Sales, New Development

The Yardi Matrix product is the apartment information industry’s only fully-bundled product, providing a full spectrum of reporting on a market's: Apartment inventory status; sale activity; new development, and; rental market conditions. New development, and investor activity are illustrated at the submarket, or market, levels, continuously updated on-the-fly.

Reporting Ownership and Management


An often difficult question to answer regarding a property is how to identify owner/management contacts – the individuals responsible for decision-making regarding hold/sell, or property operations.  To report actual ownership, single-asset entities – limited partnerships, limited liability corporations, or trusts – are pierced, and the actual owner, and how to contact them, disclosed.

Since initiating Phoenix services in February, 2001, the company has extended presence into 177 United States markets, extending in geography from the Pacific Northwest to the Mid-Atlantic.