Yardi Matrix - 2018 US Multifamily Market Update

Webinar Date: May 17th - 10:00 AM PDT


Are you looking over your shoulder? Much of what investors feared hasn’t materialized and now, is 2018 and 2019 going to really surprise us? This is a good time to take stock of how the commercial real estate industry is performing, talk about what you can expect, and why. The early part of the year has had some surprises and so far, we’re thinking that will continue. Looking toward the rest of 2018, the story is evolving, but the fundamental drivers of demand, supply and capital markets seem more a continuation of the trends developed in 2017 than any sort of clear break with the past. How do we make sense of reality vs. perception vs. the media cycle? You know us, and like our other web programs, we’re going to tackle the tough issues.

Can the long bull run in real estate last into 2019? Which investment strategies are best positioned for market and capital conditions now? Should you take some chips off the table or go all in? Where? How? Some of what you’ll learn during the program:

  1. U.S. and global macroeconomic forecast: The real argument
  2. Capital markets conditions and GSE outlook: Time will tell and so will we
  3. Leading demographic trends facing the apartment industry: Why it looks more positive
  4. Unit supply trends, pre-leasing absorption, and implications for new investment: Where you can put your dollars to work today and how timing will affect you
  5. Aggregated/anonymized expense data: What does it tell us about cap rates across markets and asset classes?
  6. Sophisticated selection criteria for U.S. metropolitan areas: Which ones offer opportunities today and how will they weather the next downturn?
  7. Insights from our work in office, self-storage (don’t underestimate this one), industrial and retail

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Jeff Adler Jack Kern

This session is led by investment professionals Jeff Adler, VP Yardi Matrix (former REIT COO) and Jack Kern, Director of Institutional Research (former REIT Director of Investment Research).

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