The multifamily market continues to perform better than expected, with demand propped up by a healthy job market. There is a rotation of top performing markets due to issues including affordability and slowing domestic migration. With a recession still looming, this program will cover important factors impacting multifamily market performance, as well as how to selectively target investable opportunities.

Join industry experts Jeff Adler and Paul Fiorilla as they offer strategic insights on the current state of the multifamily market. Topics will include:

  • The current state of the economy with a focus on inflation and employment
  • Update on the affordability crisis and review of market responses
  • Deep dive into demographics and their impact on commercial real estate
  • Review of our newly released 2023 investment risk analysis
  • Overview of multifamily fundamentals and forecasts, including rent, occupancy and supply
  • Discussion about distress opportunities and where to find them
  • Brief discussion of the single-family rental market
Matrix Research Bulletin - Multifamily Expenses