Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Listings

Properties Address
Parc East 2180 Gus Thomasson Road
Camson Place 5125 Overland Drive
Broadstone Waterfront 7025 East Via Soleri Drive
Skywater at Town Lake 601 West Rio Salado Pkwy
Seven 19800 North 7th Street
The Landing at Briarcliff 1601 NW 38th Street
Seasons of Traverse Mountain 4200 North Seasons View Drive
1600 Ironhorse at Mill Village 1600 Iron Horse Drive
Park Avenue Lofts 320 South University Avenue
275 Medford 275 Medford Street
The Drake 1355 17th Street NW
The Colonel 1250 9th Street NW
The Mille Brookhaven 1000 Barone Avenue
Fiori Estates 5102 Dowdell Avenue
Olympus at Ross 3501 Ross Avenue
Corazon 1000 East 5th Street
El Dorado Green 250 West El Dorado Blvd
Parc on Powell 1333 Powell Street
The BoatWorks Commons 4495 Lake Avenue South
AQ Rittenhouse 2021 Chestnut Street
The Edge Flats 111 Edgeway Drive
Penn Street Tower 115 North Pennsylvania Street
The Depot at Nickel Plate 8594 East 116th Street
Seven at Broadway 345 7th Street East
One Lakes Edge 1950 Hughes Landing Blvd
Copper Landing 10913 West 6th Avenue
MileHouse 6750 East Chenango Avenue
The Emerson 225 South Grand Avenue
Prospero Hall 110 East 118th Street
Portera at the Grove 8945 SW Ash Meadows Circle
The Rose 9700 NE Everett Court
612 Whaley 612 Whaley Street
The Batch Yard 25 Charlton Street
The Royal Worthington 45 Creekside Lane
South Park by Windsor 939 South Hill Street
Soren 5711 24th Avenue NW
AMLI South Lake Union 1260 Republican Street
The Tower 2330 University Blvd
Sedona Ranch 8001 Brownstone Road
Gateway North 2681 Roosevelt Blvd
Avalon Morrison Park 899 Morrison Park Drive
Citrus Circle 141 South Buena Vista Avenue
1201 Midtown 1201 Central Haven Drive
Lumiere 3780 Mystic Valley Pkwy
Independence Square 11 Washington Terrace
The L 205 West Davie Street
Village at Lake Worth 2220 Lake Worth Road
The Maynard at No. 5718 Winthrop 5718 North Winthrop Avenue
Midtown Cedar Hill 365 Uptown Blvd
Amalfi 16000 Legacy Road
2,801 to 2,850 of 36,697 Properties

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