Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Listings

Properties Address
Kensington 180 North Main Street
Randolph Arms 3915 West Randolph Road
Hamilton 247 North Duke Street
The Terrace Court 202 Riverside Drive
6116 South Martin Luther King Drive 6116 South Martin Luther King Drive
John Jay 314 East Capitol Street NE
Johnson Square 2434 West Wells Street
Westminster 2301 West Pacific Avenue
Marmills 2013 Mills Avenue
Thorndale Manor 1020 West Thorndale Avenue
Liberty on Eighth 745 North 100 East
Boulevard Terrace 10119 Detroit Avenue
Monument Square 2 1st Street
Palmer House 360 Delaware Avenue
Garfield - Wabash 5504 South Wabash Avenue
Bergen Point 203 Broadway
Pasadena 2170 East Jefferson Street
Chalmers Development 1840 North Orleans Street
Heritage Regancy by Piedmont Park 1178 Piedmont Avenue
Haddon Hall 1921 3rd Avenue
Abbottsford 151 11th Avenue
33 - 41 Baldwin Avenue 37 Baldwin Avenue
Hampton Court 1223 Beacon Street
Heritage Housing Corporation 209 Sumner Street
East Canton Street 79 East Canton Street
Foley 199 H Street
West Ninth Street 185 West 9th Street
Cottage Brook 622 Dudley Street
Franklin Park 132 Seaver Street
The Colonial 826 North Cass Street
Armoury Commons 69 Winter Street
La Rochelle 57 West 75th Street
Hotel Worthy 193 Worthington Street
Fairmount Avenue 317 Fairmount Avenue
Chauncy Court 18 Chauncy Street
Lowry Hill 709 Douglas Avenue
Tremont Terraces 2363 West 14th Street
St. Francis Court 1860 Queen City Avenue
Sycamore Place 634 Sycamore Street
51st & King Drive 5049 South King Drive
Museum Place 2330 Monroe Street
Telfair Arms 17 East Park Avenue
Liberty View 2031 South Street
Northern Heights 769 Main Street
Wellington Community 714 Main Street
Pendleton 415 East 13th Street
Gracie Mansion 503 East 6th Street
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