Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Listings

Properties Address
Highland 14 Highland Avenue
Gillett Manor 69 Gillett Street
Colonial Village 22 Colonial Court
Ledgeview 50 Palmer Street
Turtle Creek 8 Turtle Creek Lane
Fairfield Falls at Port Jefferson 1 Dark Hollow Road
Hillcrest Village 865 Broadway Avenue
Fairfield Plaza 218 Lakeland Avenue
Eagle Rock Apartments at Nesconset 835 Nesconset Hwy
Forsythe Gardens 101 Forsythe Avenue
Harbour Club 161 Milligan Road
Brookwood 10 Walter Street
Amityville Square 3547 Great Neck Road
The Hedges 405 East Main Street
Chalet 300 Edwards Street
Sterling Square 6700 Humboldt Avenue North
Mullins 40 Walsh Road
Vassar Garden 107 Fulton Avenue
Mountainview Garden 7 Greenhill Drive
Birch Brook Manor 89 South Highland Avenue
Skytop Village 223 Skytop Drive
St. Andrews Manor 15 St. Andrews Place
Riverview 8150 West River Road
Georgetown on the River 5750 East River Road
Brookside Manor 1300 67th Avenue North
Villa Sierra 2435 McKinley Avenue
Timbercrest 1322 Bluff Street
Jackson Tower 600 South 27th Street
Cavelier Court 2510 Peres Avenue
Windsor Place 5267 Knight Arnold Road
Citadel & Hollybrook Townhomes 8500 Ohern Street
Fairway 630 Tulane Cove South
The Renaissance 99 North Main Street
North Brunswick Crescent 1003 Crescent Court
Clifton Arms 220 9th Street
Carteret Gardens 33 Wedgewood Drive
Pinewood 1703 Lexington Avenue
Georgetown 1470 Oaktree Drive
Raintree 742 East Raines Road
Lawrence Plaza 2350 Princeton Pike
Lake Stella 5509 1/2 North Independence Avenue
Crosswinds 6101 North May Avenue
Lamplight 5811 NW 34th Street
Hampton Gardens 17 Hampton Road
University Park 300 South Rankin Street
Clinton Garden 11 School Street
Yorkshire 197 Nebraska Avenue
Grandview 104 Carr Avenue
Wesley T. Hansen 415 Fayette Street
Parkside Manor 1475 Parkside Avenue
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