Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Listings

Properties Address
Trailbridge Townhomes 660 Lafayette Avenue
Manor Winton 5610 Winton Road
Meadowbrook Lake 1493 Mac Drive
Rockside Park Towers 25400 Rockside Road
Kings View 1500 Parkside Lane
Glenn Meadows 2182 Glen Meadow Drive
Westbrook 190 Westbrook Drive
Ashwood 1716 Casey Drive
Robin Springs 6930 Mount Vernon Street
Cambridge Park 1100 Snider Road
Willows of Springdale 1235 Chesterdale Drive
Williamsburg of Lebanon 201 Miller Road
Stonegate 7911 Stonegate Drive
Park Hill 33000 Parkhill Street
Cliffview 1691 Cliffview Drive
Plymouth Square 9421 Marguerite Drive
Hickory Woods 370 Hickory Lane
Westchester Towers 35700 East Michigan Avenue
Walnut Creek Townhomes 4042 Georgetown Road
Trenton East Apartments and Townhomes 200 Poplin Place
Carriage Station 65 Carriage Station Drive
Campus View 133 Hidden Valley Drive
Walnut Creek 28475 Walnut Creek Drive
Chatham Hills 36135 Grand River Avenue
Trafalgar Square 33210 Trafalgar Lane
Tuscan Manor 250 Henry Street
Henry Terrace 6 Henry Terrace
Bob Court 2071 Riverdale Street
Sheridan 43 Sheridan Drive
Pine Ridge Estates 19 Bradford Drive
Mansion House 2928 Pawtucket Avenue
International 528 Smithfield Road
Royal Crest 42 Cedar Pond Drive
Western Hills 7 Western Hills Lane
Chateau Chatillon 30 Oaklawn Avenue
Winchester Park/Winchester Woods 125 Village Green North
Royal Park Apartments & Townhomes 65 East Washington Street
Boa Vista 134 South 2nd Street
North Village at Webster 18 Village Way
Windsor Ridge at Westborough 1 Windsor Ridge Drive
Leyden Woods 24 Leyden Woods Lane
Hathaway Farms Townhomes at Northampton 73 Barrett Street
Riverside Village 24 State Street
Essex Point 4501 East Johnson Avenue
Brandon Court 2241 Moody Road
Oakhill 3837 12th Street SE
Sunnyslope Manor 1000 Cunningham Lane South
Oak Lane Townhouses 1333 Oak Patch Road
Albany Court 1212 34th Avenue SE
Sheldon Butte 2555 Willakenzie Road
27,451 to 27,500 of 36,697 Properties

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