Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Listings

Properties Address
Clovertree 3270 Clovertree Lane
The Mayfair 4254 Maple Leaf Drive
Chidester Place 330 Chidester Street
Buford Yerger 848 Lakeland Drive
Choctaw Lodge 4115 Mohican-Prescott Crossover
The Palms 5665 McClelland Drive
Sherwood Acres 12000 Coursey Blvd
Tangi Village 13080 Quick Blvd
Poets Corner 3001 Shelley Drive
Coraopolis Towers 951 1st Avenue
Hillcrest 17 Hillcrest Drive
Lower Burrell Manor 200 Sylvan Drive
Noble Towers 2440 Baldwick Road
Maiden Square 920 East Maiden Street
Stonecliffe 1010 Stonecliffe Drive
Courtney Greens 3751 SW 20th Avenue
Penn Towers 137 Harrison Avenue
The Flats at Fox Hill 1120 Fox Hill Drive
The Vista at Summit Hill 957 East Hill Avenue
Loudon Gardens 641 Clyde Street
Crafton Towers 1215 Foster Avenue
East Boros 4165 Ivanhoe Drive
Allegheny Commons East 255 East Ohio Street
Cross Creek 5000 Western Avenue
Fulton Hill 603 Fulton Road
Terrace Plaza 850 Garner Avenue
Bordeaux House 9309 Bocina Lane
Marina Cypress 3306 Del Monte Blvd
El Gin Village 350 Casentini Street
Chestnut Village 960 West Chestnut Avenue
Landing at Capitola 3045 Capitola Road
La Vista 740 South Western Avenue
Abrams Park 2960 Carpenter Court
Lakes at Pepperidge 8101 Honeysuckle Lake Drive
Marrington Village 5000 Harbour Lake Drive
Rivers Edge 971 Wateree Blvd
Lafayette Square 300 Lafayette Way
Winnsboro Arms 61 Winnsboro Arms Drive
Anchorage 1700 Whipple Road
Phillippi Plaza 5453 West Franklin Road
The Park 5700 West Marvin Lane
Stadnitski Gardens 100 Beck Street
Monsignor Leo A Geary 1250 Bailey Avenue
Boulder Creek 5713 North Garrett Street
St Peter Manor 108 North Auburndale Street
Memphis Towers 1081 Court Avenue
Kirby Station 6653 North Quail Hollow Road
Florida Grove Manor 519 Florida Grove Road
Somerville Senior Citizens Housing 1 Mountain Avenue
Candle Lake Senior Center 3540 NW 56th Street
22,751 to 22,800 of 36,697 Properties

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