Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Listings

Properties Address
Fox Hollow 1040 West Grand Avenue
Northwood Village 255 Snowhaven Court
Valley View 2148 Jasmine Street
Charter Arms 1 Potter Street
Dock Village 100 Community Drive
Brougham Estates II 1711 North 73rd Terrace
Brantner Townhomes 3155 Brantner Place
Cochran Plaza 1420 North 10th Street
Euclid Plaza Elderly 5310 North Euclid Avenue
Township Village 617 Valley Drive
Eads Square 2700 Henrietta Street
Woodbridge 3401 John Hinkle Place
Del Monte 5622 Delmar Blvd
Maple Knoll Townhomes 1800 Mesabi Avenue
Fox Hill 800 Fox Chase Drive
Crossing at Freedom 228 Freedom Drive
Calvary Center 7650 Golden Valley Road
Clinton Place 2125 Clinton Pkwy
Hillcrest Manor 3414 Hughes Road
Woodlen Place 1315 East 89th Street
Oak Forest 1210 Westridge Court
Casa Verde Townhomes 700 San Pedro Drive
Brazos Point 2401 Welsh Avenue
Renaissance Park 603 Southwest Pkwy
Manor 4722 Hodde
Abbey Glenn 700 South 4th Street
Brookside Village 111 Brookside Lane
Laurelwood Place 585 Norman Street
The Taft 265 College Street
Heather Ridge 3245 Heather Ridge Drive
Locust Woods 11406 South Tazwell Drive
The Towers at Crooked Creek 7988 North Michigan Road
Carriage House 4202 Grant Line Road
Cedar Ridge 3820 Cedar Ridge Road
Southdale Tower 524 West 53rd Street
Crooked Creek 3947 Point Bar Road
Lakeshore Reserve off 86th 8320 Spyglass Drive
Trolley Palm 4302 Palm Avenue
Casa de Palomar 225 Palomar Street
Garden Tower West 4001 West Garden Grove Blvd
Charleston Square Gardens 1660 West Palm Lane
Casa Santa Maria 7551 Orangetrope Avenue
Harvard Manor 21 California Avenue
Edgewater Plaza 2250 Eaton Street
Elk Ridge 501 Elkhart Street
Four Mile Flats 1150 South Cherry Street
Golden Sands 529 East 10th Avenue
ZaZu Pannee Park Regent 1502 East Osborn Road
Casa Nueva 15425 North 25th Street
Cielo 8222 North 19th Avenue
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