Competitive Points of Differentiation

Yardi Matrix's online, property-level apartment information service is unique in the commercial real estate market research industry. Subscribers access near up-to-the-minute details about a property's, or series of properties', composition in a form customized to a user's specific needs. Key differentiating elements separating Yardi Matrix from competitive services include:

  • Time-Sensitive Reporting: Commercial apartment industry participants face consistently volatile housing market demands. The condition requires readily available access to critical information affecting the multi-family housing industry. In spite of this perennial need, competitive information services typically offer partial information, with data generally limited to quarterly, semi-annual or annual updates. Yardi Matrix's research continuously monitors the multi-family market at the property level, constantly refreshing available information required of time-sensitive decisions.
  • Standardized Data: Leading apartment data providers report on information considered necessary to describe a market's conditions at some level, and at some point in time. This method produces limited information often containing generalizations. Yardi Matrix makes detailed, standardized data on specific properties and markets immediately available to information users.
  • Submarket Data: Yardi Matrix provides in-depth information at the market, and neighborhood level – according to a data user's need. As example, Yardi Matrix's proprietary format allows a subscriber to "drill down" into property-level, detail comparing rental rates among properties of the same type, eliminating information not holding relevance to a user's search criteria.
  • Context® rating system: Yardi Matrix's patented Context® rating system is the real estate industry's first, and only, statistical scoring model. Properties are classified as to type for both improvements and locations. A Context® rating references a series of variables in determining a property's improvements', or a location's relative utility. The Context® rating system provides the apartment industry's only common-denominator format for comparing one property with another, or one submarket's value with another.
  • Owner/Management Contact Information: Yardi Matrix reports include specific property owner contact information, allowing subscribers to directly access decision makers – a quality unique to the Yardi Matrix service.