How to Make Use of The Context® Apartment Rating Function

Refer to the Context® function when:

  • Comparing one property with others of similar type is a part of a review, such as:
    • The most directly comparable sales of other properties during a defined period;
    • Selection of properties most competitive with a subject property within the subject property's competitive zone;
  • Selection of all properties of a particular type ( i.e. only "A" category rated properties) is of interest;
  • Selecting an envisioned perfect property from metropolitan area apartment inventory when only a generalized range of characteristics - defined as most-desirable - is known.

The Context® rating system, the commercial real estate industry’s only objectively defined method for comparing one property, or property’s location, with other properties of similar type, is protected by United States Patents – 7,977,930 and 8,060,450.