How We Survey Apartment Rental Concessions

Our Concessions Survey Format

Status of rental promotional activity in the form of concessions offered to induce rental is assessed three times annually by telephone survey among competitively rented (market/rate) properties of 50 units and larger in size. The survey is taken as if the caller were a renter. Survey periods include: January/February; May/June; September/October. As rental promotions are dynamic - flexible in timing, duration, and depth - survey results illustrate the relative extent of concessions offered on-average during a specific period.

Excluded Properties

Properties operated under a fully/subsidized format for the benefit of low-income households - consequently not subject to rental market dynamics - are not included in the survey.

Included Properties

All market/rate properties of 50 units and larger in size are included in the concessions survey. Partially subsidized properties, in which a portion of low-income households are included in the rental mix, are surveyed for concessions and rental rates.