Positive Apartment Location Attributes

Positive location attributes are defined by:  Submarket attributes; a particular properties’  immediate surrounding area attributes, and; site-specific attributes

Positive Submarket Attributes

  • A majority of area household heads are college-educated, and are employed in white collar, or professional occupations
  • A median household income above the metropolitan area median average income/substantial presence of high net worth households
  • A high density of good quality white collar/gray collar (technical workers, teachers) employment sources
  • Well-maintained area housing development
  • Area commercial development is newer; shopping and entertainment sources are of good quality
  • Ease of area access by freeway, or rail transit

Positive Immediate Surrounding Attributes

  • Close proximity (a three mile radius) to a high concentration of employment sources
  • Relatively close proximity to a large body (lake or ocean) of water
  • High quality of immediate area housing composition and/or shopping/entertainment facilities
  • Ready availability of public transportation
  • Ready access to a freeway on-ramp/off-ramp

Positive Property-Specific Attributes

  • Site frontage onto a golf course, private lake or park
  • View of mountains, lake or ocean from the site
  • Neighborhood environment is well-maintained
  • City view from a mountainside, or high rise tower
  • Exposure to a high volume automobile traffic carrier, or substantial freeway exposure
  • Site marketing-window size
  • Ease of site access (i.e. multiple parking and drive entries)