Apartment Floorplan Unit Types

Apartment floorplans are defined as either "Standard", or "Non-Standard". Apartment inventory composition includes six Market Standard floorplan types. A range of other, Non-Standard, less frequently occurring, floorplans compose the remainder of the rental market, some of which require definition clarification. Standard and Non-Standard unit types include:

Standard Unit Types


Two Bedroom / One Bath

Studio (standard)

Two Bedroom / Two Bath

One Bedroom

Three Bedroom / Two Bath

Non-Standard Unit Types




One Bedroom

Two Bedroom / Two Bath

Townhouse unit variants:

Two Bedroom / Townhouse / One Bath

Two Bedroom / Townhouse / Two Bath

Three Bedroom / Townhouse / One Bath

Three Bedroom / Townhouse / Two Bath

Three Bedroom / Townhouse / Three Bath

 Four Bedroom / Townhouse / Three Bath

One Bedroom unit variants:

Alcove/Bachelor One Bedroom

One Bedroom / Loft

Two Bedroom unit variants:

One Bedroom / Den / One Bath

One Bedroom / Den / Two Bath

Three Bedroom unit variants:

Two Bedroom / Den / One Bath

Two Bedroom / Den / Two Bath

Two Bedroom / Loft / One Bath

Two Bedroom / Loft / Two Bath

Three Bedroom / One Bath

Three Bedroom / Three Bath

Four Bedroom unit variants:

Four Bedroom / One Bath

Four Bedroom / Two Bath

Four Bedroom / Three Bath

Five Bedroom unit variants:

Five Bedroom / Two Bath

Five Bedroom / Three Bath