The Topline Report - The Apartment Industry's Most Of-The-Moment Report

The Eislen Topline Report illustrates monthly change within the apartment market's three principal activity reporting categories: Rental; Development; and Investor participation.

Activity is further refined to report activity among individual rental household categories:

Household Type Pierce-Eislen
Context® Rating Categories
Discretionary A+ / A
Upper Mid-range A- / B+
Low Mid-range B / B-
Workforce C+ / C / C- / D

Monthly change is reported among each household category segment as:

  • Rental Market - Apartment rental rate change, and changes in depth of rental concession participation among market-rate properties.
  • Development Market - Apartment inventory completions, reported by: Property total; number of units; and property type. Three periods illustrate: Current month; the most recent three month moving period; and the past 12 month moving period. Development status reports properties under construction, and in planning and pre-planning - by total, and by region.
  • Investor Market - Investor activity illustrates two moving periods - 12 month, and quarterly - the two periods ending one month prior to the current reporting period. Detail includes total properties sold by type, and by geographic region, and total dollar sales by type, including per-unit and per-square foot.

The Topline report illustrates a monthly survey of rents and rental promotions offered among a controlled semi-fixed stratified sample of market-rate properties, selected to support a statistical 90% confidence level. An essentially constant property sample is surveyed monthly among all markets during the second business week (Monday - Friday) of the month. Not included in the survey are properties: Considered to be non-representative of the market, fully affordable properties, and properties completed during the most recent 12 month period are excluded from the survey.