The Tallis Index - Monthly Measurement of Apartment Market Status

The Eislen Tállis Index – a monthly measurement of a market's rental condition status illustrates relative changing – actual and prospective – in apartment rental market conditions.

The Index – a hedonic regression referencing a weighted derivative of combined change among interrelated metrics holding critical influence over a market's relative status – provides a near real-time indicator of relative current, and prospective, market strength.  The result, refined to a single, relatable numeric index, references a geographic area's current apartment rental status – either gaining, or losing, strength.

Index metrics track change in:

  • Job Growth.
  • Rental rate change among a select, stratified representative market inventory sample.
  • Apartments under construction  – as a percentage of current supply.
  • Single-Family housing affordability.
  • The extent of apartment concessions participation as a percentage of the market-rate stabilized apartment supply.
  • Relative ease (or lack) of access to a single-family loan for a median-priced home by a median income household.

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