Activation and Use Procedure

Pierce-Eislen Mobile Web Application

To access the mobile application system on your mobile device — telephone, or iPad:

  • Activate your web browser
  • Enter as the URL
  • Login with your User Name and Password. This is the same username and password you use to log into the Pierce-Eislen main site. Customer Service will provide a Mobile Web access for your personal use of the mobile system.
  • Check Remember Me if you want the system to remember your sign-on credentials.
  • Press the <Log In> button.
  • Enter search parameters in the Search By dropdown. Choices are by: Property Name, Property Management, or, Owner.
  • Enter the market to be searched in the Market dropdown. Your choices will be All My Markets (all markets you subscribe to), or a selected individual, subscribed, market.
  • Enter the search text in the Search Words text box. The search engine will return all records with search text included anywhere in the name. As example, if "vill" is entered in the Search Words box, the query will return all records with "vill" in the name - such as "The Villas", "Village at Grayhawk", "Jacksonville Properties", etc...
  • Tap the <Search> button to return results of your search criteria. The Search Results screen will illustrate up to 100 results, with 15 displayed at a time. Click on one of the result records to view property details.
  • Next, the Detail screen will show property details, manager, or owner - depending on your Search By choice:

    • By Property Name — The detail screen will include: A property photo; property address and telephone number; Owner name, address, and telephone; manager name, address, and telephone; property ratings; completion date; unit mix composition; past three Prior Sales (as available); property Google Map; and autodial functionality for related telephone numbers.
    • By Management — Management company name, address, and contact name, and telephone number.
    • By Owner — Owner name, address, and contact name, and telephone number.


Note: For ease of use, make access a favorite on your telephone, or iPad. In some mobile telephones an icon can be created for additional ease of access.