Apartment Characteristics Negatively Affecting Improvements Ratings

Certain characteristics negatively impact property improvements ratings. These factors also range in importance as Highly Significant, Important, and Moderately Important, and generally describe as:

Highly Significant Negative Characteristics

  • Poor quality of construction, resulting in strikingly negative appearance
  • A unit mix of small studio and one bedroom floorplans without inclusion, or limited presence, of other unit types
  • Multiple bedroom apartments include only one bath
  • Bath detail includes Masonite, or vacuum-formed plastic, tub enclosures; no medicine cabinet is provided; bath sinks are free-standing
  • Restricted interior storage
  • No private patio or balcony
  • Ramp (motel) type unit entries, or interior corridors are narrow and poorly lighted
  • Incomplete, or low-end, kitchen appliances (i.e., no dishwashers; refrigerators are single door, or non-frost free double-door; ranges are small).
  • Kitchen cabinetry reflects a high degree of obsolescence of appearance (i.e. dark wood patterned laminate-faced), and/or kitchen storage availability is limited.

Important Negative Characteristics

  • Ceiling heights are below standard (i.e. seven feet)
  • Limited, or no, architectural appeal
  • Floorplans offered are significantly (20% or more) smaller than market average size
  • Second floor systems are composed of plywood (not finished in Gypcrete)
  • Lack of (limited, or no) covered parking availability
  • Lack of refrigeration in warm climates

Moderately Important Negative Characteristics

  • Sparse landscaping
  • Central metering of electric utilities
  • Flat roofs
  • Second floor stair landings are wood (rather than concrete)
  • Kitchen lighting is by a standard incandescent fixture