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Yardi Matrix Honored – Top real estate analytics provider

Yardi Matrix Honored Top real estate analytics provider

Yardi Matrix has been honored as a leading real estate analytics provider by Proptech Outlook, an industry publication that annually recognizes companies that are at the forefront of providing real estate analytics solutions and transforming business.

In a forthcoming article in the Proptech Outlook magazine, Matrix vice president Jeff Adler dissects the paradigm shifts that have occurred for the real estate industry due to the pandemic and how they may influence ongoing investment.

Investors need comprehensive, verified, and reliable data to make decisions that go beyond guesswork, which is why Matrix has so much value for investment professionals.

“Essentially, Yardi Matrix’s function is to bring more transparency in formerly opaque markets. We exist to save time and effort for investment professionals while also ensuring that they are making the right bets at the right time,” Adler told Proptech Outlook.

Using Matrix, investors can directly get the relevant insights regarding the commercial real estate market and its subsectors, and easily benchmark, predict, and compare the potential value from various investment opportunities in lesser time and with more precision.

“Beyond acquisition and underwriting, the insights provided by Yardi Matrix can also be leveraged for brokerage, loan origination, portfolio management and reassessment, and even property development,” observes Proptech Outlook.

Matrix clients have been able to achieve significant returns on their investments, aided by analysis based on factors like location, migration patterns, employment and more. Matrix also offers biannual live webinars that help keep industry professionals informed on the latest trends.

“As the impediments of the pandemic alleviate further and investment professionals revamp their efforts, we will be ready to equip them with the latest insights regarding the property market to make more accurate investment decisions,” Adler said.

Read the interview with Jeff Adler in its entirety on Proptech Outlook.


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