2018 Office Market Strategy and Forecast Webinar

Are the office markets as strong as you think they are? We’re hearing a lot in the media about how office markets are doing well in most places. We are also hearing about disruptors to the core office market business that may very well write the next chapter in the future of office as an asset class, and workspace leasing as an emerging differentiator in the character of the sector.


  1. Want to know what’s really happening? So did we, and we’ll share our research.
  2. Are there real threats on the horizon for owners? We’re going to lay it out for you.
  3. What can you reasonably expect in holding office assets? The answer may surprise you.
  4. What is the most important trend facing offices today? We think you’ll agree with us.
  5. Is office the place to be or the asset to sell? We have a viewpoint. Come listen in.


This is a very different time in office ownership and management. The questions, the issues, the trends and what you can do about it, all coming up in our exclusive office web program. With the most extensive set of detailed office information, we’re going to challenge some common ideas about the sector, clear up misconceptions and give you the real story, all courtesy of Yardi Matrix.

Presented by Jeff Adler, Vice President of Matrix and Jack Kern, head of Institutional Research, we will present our findings, share some observations and sure, argue sometimes, but one thing is certain. You will leave the program knowing what is really going on, better able to make critical decisions and stare down those trends before they arrive. And that is what makes a great web program.

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Jeff Adler Jack Kern

This session is led by investment professionals Jeff Adler, VP Yardi Matrix (former REIT COO) and Jack Kern, Director of Institutional Research (former REIT Director of Investment Research).

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