The economy is in decent shape, but what’s the outlook for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020? Low unemployment continues to be a positive force for the U.S. office industry, but increasing economic crosswinds lead many to fear a recession.

Jeff Adler and Jack Kern will give an update on changes since our spring webinar. They’ll also discuss office fundamentals in various markets, advise which niche office asset classes to consider and offer insight into key industry topics including:

  • The impact of employment growth and low unemployment rates
  • Listing rates, vacancy trends, transaction volume and sales prices
  • Expenses in different markets and the impact of increasing capital expenditures
  • Where new supply is concentrated and some mega projects to watch for
  • Niche office spaces including medical offices and labs
  • An update on trends in coworking and what the next generation of workers is looking for in an office environment
  • An overview of office deals in opportunity zones

You won’t want to miss this thought-provoking discussion as Jeff and Jack analyze office industry trends and potential risks that you need to be aware of in this late-cycle economy.