Office is about to begin a major run – but which direction and why?

Office has undergone a remarkable shift in the past 15 years. Varying forces are affecting the sector still today, and no one is more concerned and focused on the future of office investment and management strategies than Jeff Adler and Jack Kern. With an analytical perspective and their long time industry experience, you’re going to hear which office sectors are going to do well and which may not. We know that office isn’t going away as a sector, but the future is far from certain. Looking beyond the current cycle and next downturn, what major demographic and technological shifts do you need to be aware of to position yourself for the best performance long term?

Our Oct. 25th Office Web Program will tackle the tough questions facing the market today as well as the long-term impacts that are certain to affect our industry including:

  • The macroeconomic landscape both domestically and internationally affecting office
  • The growth of office-using employment and its ability to continue outpacing overall job growth
  • Capital market trends and the effect of rising interest rates on commercial real estate
  • Office design and space utilization trends that make the difference to today’s tenants
  • How secondary and tertiary markets are re-inventing themselves based on technology driven economies
  • Supply and demand fundamentals at the market level for offices across the U.S.
  • The future of technology and its impact on the built environment

One thing is certain: you don’t want to miss this informative, highly rated and influential web program as Jeff and Jack discuss and debate the current shifts ahead in the office market.